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We specialize in Dual turntable and Dual record player repair and restoration. Do you have a Dual that needs to be seen by the Doctor? Be sure to contact us.

Chrome Dual

This is our biggest undertaking yet of a Dual table and I believe the first of its kind. I know of no other person who has ever attempted a project like this, so you will be purchasing something unique that no one else has. Read more…

Dual 1019 Series

The Dual 1019 without doubt is duals finest turntable they ever built. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to try out almost every dual turntable made and the 1019 has remained in my home reference system for over twenty years. The friction free dynamically balanced tonearm is a work of art in it’s self. The arm tube is much more thicker and rigid, tracks as low as ½ gram, direct dial stylus force and anti-skating compensation, cue and pitch control and elastically damped counterbalance with rapid and fine adjust. The dynamically balanced platter is the heaviest dual ever made 7 ½ pounds!! absolutely world class. View Gallery…

Dual 1229 Series

The 1229 was the full sized chassis Dual with a 12″ platter that they made in the 70s and it is without doubt the most sought after Dual. I’ve had a numerous amount of requests for this particular model and it’s been highly regarded as Duals most refined table. Some of the most cutting edge technology and features have been introduced on the 1229 table. It was a Hi Fi automatic turntable designed to professional standards, a table totally without compromise. It had the longest tonearm ever designed into an automatic turntable and was supported by four identical low-friction needle bearings in a gimble system, to assure the absolute minimum of pivot friction. View Gallery…